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  • High performance
  • Daily backups
  • Excellent tech support

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Each plan is designed to cater to your business needs and give you peace of mind as far as managed hosting goes


Perfect for small WordPress websites

4.95Saving: 72
  • 5 Sites
  • 20 GB NVMe SSD
  • cPanel
36 months
Most popular


Works for ecommerce and WP sites

6.95Saving: 72
  • 15 Sites
  • 30 GB NVMe SSD
  • cPanel
36 months


Ideal for WordPress website developers

7.95Saving: 72
  • 30 Sites
  • 60 GB NVMe SSD
  • cPanel
36 months

Additional services: Dedicated IP $3/mo; Additional disk 10 GB $5/mo

All plans include free:

  • Hosting control panel cPanel
  • NVMe SSD-Based Hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Staging Area and URLs
  • Database server MariaDB 10, phpMyAdmin
  • Database server PostgreSQL 9.2, phpPgAdmin
  • Varnish, Memcached, and Redis
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • PHP 4.4 / 5.1-5.6 / 7.0-8.0
  • Perl 5, Python Selector, Ruby Selector, NodeJS Selector
  • SSH upon request, sFTP/FTP, SCP access
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Mail lists/forwarders/autoresponders
  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP services for mail management
  • Secured webmail interface
  • File manager (via hosting control panel)
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Subdomains, websites and FTP accounts management
  • Access and Error logs (server), server stats
  • Password protected directories
  • Custom error pages, managed with .htaccess
  • Cron task scheduler
  • Daily data backup

Your business deserves the best

When you know we have your back. Let managed WordPress hosting solutions handle the job

NVMe-based implementations

When you look for a great communications standard, we talk NVMe hosting. NVMe drives give exceptional performance — 10x higher compared to SSDs and more than 100x higher compared to HDDs

High-performing processors

All it takes is good processors. But we aim for the best ones powered by Intel® Xeon® to deliver performance fit for a king. No matter what the load is, our processors can live up to your expectations

Full-service WordPress hosting for all sites


Fast-responding tech support

Technical support is the heart of our service. Forget about bugs, slowness, and insecurities. At HostPro, we offer trouble-free NVMe web hosting provided by an in-house tech support team we hand-picked. Be it technical issues or complicated settings configurations, personal assistance is at your fingertips. Our team will make sure your site runs at top speeds with zero downtime.

Cache-management plugin

Give your users the experience they deserve with LiteSpeed Web Cache and supercharge your resource to have the fastest load speeds. You can reduce page load times and enhance user experience by letting LSCache do the job. The LSCache plugin has tools such as built-in PageSpeed optimization and image optimization service, critical CSS generation service and third-party CDN integration as well as CSS/JavaScript/HTML minification.

Unlimited security

Daily backups ensure your sites are secure and safe. Upon request, we perform daily backups of your site and save them for 30 days absolutely free of charge. These backups are available in your client area. We own a special scanner that works regularly and scans software for viruses. This scanner sends notifications when the plugin needs to be updated and informs about possible attacks. We are on our toes to ensure end-to-end DDoS protection.

WordPress Manager

Let WordPress Manager manage your infrastructure. You can easily run your sites and view essential WordPress configuration as well as installation details. The user-friendly interface of WP Manager allows you to work with your database and access the admin panel. Encrypt SSL certificates, work with plugins, manage themes, and push your staging WP instances live in a few clicks. Control auto upgrades and updates with master-like ease.

Run your business with managed WordPress

WordPress Support

WordPress Support
Our professional WordPress support team is available live 24/7. So you can get exceptional support at any point of our collaboration.

Daily website backups

Daily website backups
Your WordPress website is backed up daily. You can retrieve any crucial file from our systems for your mission-critical data is safe and sound with us.

Money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee
We give a 30-day money-back guarantee for all WordPress hosting services. If you choose to leave, the service will cost you nothing. But you’re bound to fall in love with it.

Installed WP-CLI

Installed WP-CLI
You can manage your WordPress site from the command line. We give you SSH access and you can run your website using WP-CLI.

PHP Selector

PHP Selector
We know how to keep your PHP in good shape and running. Choose your version of PHP and add the required extensions.

Preset Git

Preset Git
Depend on us for your Git environment. Interface for working with Git-repositories allows you to quickly launch and tune your project.

Free manual WordPress migrations

Our dedicated support team migrates any WordPress website to our WordPress Hosting Platform for free.


What is WordPress hosting?

When you create your website using the WordPress (WP) platform, you need to host your site so that it’s available, fast and secure. WordPress hosting is a kind of web hosting that is optimized to help you run sites built on WordPress. Sites built on WP are peculiar because some issues may arise if a resource is not properly optimized. These issues include low speed, element loading issues, or even loss of website display, which altogether can threaten seamless user experience.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

It’s crucial for a website built on WordPress to have enhanced security and good technical support. And that’s what managed WordPress services offer. You receive more in-depth tech support and improved security. You can rely on your provider to optimize the speed and performance, plus you get more resources. Your webhost takes the installation upon their shoulders as well. Hosting plans should offer a vast number of features and services to be considered managed WordPress.

How does managed WordPress hosting work?

Managed WordPress hosting is for those who want to entrust the website management and infrastructure to an experienced team of developers for a reasonable price. High-quality managed hosting offers on-demand support and allocates more server resources. A WordPress webhost performs such tasks as:
  • taking care of updates
  • ensuring that frequent backups are created
  • scanning for threats to prevent malicious behavior
  • delivering performance optimization
  • configuring the server
  • staging sites to test updates and changes
  • providing on-demand support

What makes your managed WordPress hosting reliable and fast?

We use a professional machine with fast processors and a powerful NVMe drive system and provide you with free SSL. The LiteSpeed Web Server along with the unique LiteSpeed Cache plugin ensure your website’s premium performance. Your website can handle a big amount of users and run at a greater speed. The user-friendly WP Manager installed to your account allows you to run several sites without any third-party help. You can update themes and plugins, do backups as well as stage your sites. Last but not least, our exceptional 24/7 tech support keeps an eye on the servers and the loads, preventing malicious behavior.