The main types of web-hosting

With the invention of the Internet, many new terms and ideas have appeared. For example, they include the concept of hosting. So what is it? Hosting is a special service that provides the resources needed to host information on a server. What is the importance of hosting and why is this service so important? Thanks to this service, a certain site can be stored on its servers. If you have your own website, then you should understand that because of hosting your site can be found and visited by Internet users. So what are the types of hosting and how to choose exactly what suits you?

3 main types of hosting

Usually hosting is bought for websites. Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different types of hosting. They differ in memory, functionality, and software. It’s like renting a house. And just as not every apartment is suitable for a large family, so not every hosting is suitable for a particular site.

1. Shared hosting

It is the simplest and most affordable. Resources of one server, such as CPU time, memory, storage, databases, etc., are shared between clients and used in parallel. Although server resources are shared, the impact of some clients on others can be significant, and a busy project can slow all others, which can be especially noticeable during peak periods. It is something like an apartment with several rooms, where there is a shared kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. Therefore, virtual hosting is well suited for small projects with low traffic, for a business card site, promo page, portfolio, blog, or small online store.

A server that shares hosting for multiple users

2. VPS hosting

A VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This service involves sharing the server with other users, but with VPS hosting, unlike general, you are allocated a separate space with a reserved amount of computing power and memory. This creates a kind of insurance against problems that may be caused during the maintenance of neighboring sites. It’s like a townhouse, the houses are built next to each other, but still have a common yard and they are close. If you want to learn more about this type of hosting, we recommend you read this article.

VPS service in which a user is provided with a virtual server.

3. Cloud hosting

It is a type of web hosting in which a website is hosted on a cloud server, also known as a virtual server. With traditional web hosting, a website is hosted on a single server, called a dedicated server, in a data center. Cloud hosting is different because the data is distributed across multiple servers. This can be compared to having a large number of apartments in different parts of the country. And if you want to change place, you can always move.

Cloud hosting uses the power of multiple servers to distribute the load and increase the uptime of sites.

Here are the key features to help you compare all these types of hosting:

Shared VPSCloud
StabilityNot guaranteedGuaranteedHigh
SecurityVulnerable to hackingSafeSafe
FlexibilityHas limitationsRestrictions on the tariff itselfHigh flexibility
ProductivityDepends on the load on the serverHighHigh
Skills requiredBasic knowledge, intuitive control panel.Knowledge and experience in administrationKnowledge and experience in administration

After understanding all the main differences between leading types of hosting, you are ready to make your choice.  In order to understand 100% which hosting plan will be the best option for your site, you need to find answers to additional questions:

  • What traffic do you expect?
  • How many sites do you want to host?
  • What amount of disk space do you need, etc.

Our technical support, which is ready to answer your questions 24/7, will help you find answers and understand all these questions. Choose the best hosting plan with us and get a fast website with incredible performance, protection, and support!