Why are backups important?

Imagine a scary situation: a normal morning that starts with a cup of coffee, scrolling the news, and checking the mailbox. However, when you open the homepage of your site, you see not the main window, but tons of banners with intrusive advertising and classic signs of spam. Well, congratulations – your site is hacked, and a backup is the only thing that can save the day.

What is a site backup?

Simply put, backup is the best insurance that a website or business owner can voluntarily choose to avoid a virtual disaster. Everyone is familiar with backing up important files, documents, or data on a mobile phone – backing up a site is no different. The principle is to save a copy of the webserver files to a third-party source that can be restored if necessary.

There are many factors, accidental or intentional, that can destroy a site. If you do not want to panic every day, choose a backup from the hosting company. HostPro’s main goal is to protect user files, so we provide daily backups for each of our hosting plans (except Digital Ocean and Vultr). 

Still not aware of the value of backups? Here are 4 reasons why backup will be a key option for you.

Mistakes are inevitable

Mistakes happen, human (or any other) factor makes adjustments to any, even impenetrable defense. The developer or content manager can click the wrong button and delete the most important file and stop the resource for an indefinite period. According to statistics, 98% of large organizations admitted that one hour of downtime costs $ 100,000.

There is always the possibility of hacking

CMS is an open-source platform that means access to root code. Regular updates for any engine prevent new security holes, but not all administrators keep a close eye on future versions, so attackers are taking advantage of this. If you refuse backups and regular updates, your site becomes an ideal target for attack.

“60% of small businesses that fall under the prepared hacker attack will cease to exist in the next 6 months”.

If you do not want to join the ranks of losers, then do not ignore security updates.

Breakdowns and failures

“Very good, backup is done! I will save it here in this folder on my disk D,” is a thought that entails numerous pitfalls and serious consequences. Keeping a backup of the site on your physical media, you still run the risk: the sites are constantly failing, and the data tends to crumble and break.

To be sure of your archive, have at least 3 backups that are permanently accessible. The best thing is remote storage. With us, your site is always safe. By the way, in Hostpro backup is as follows: every day, at midnight, all site information is archived and sent for storage for 30 days. You can get it at any time, you just need to contact the support service for the required archive.

One wrong thing and boom!

The update may not go according to plan

Updates should never be missed – any new versions of plugins or CMS systems. However, no one is insured against malfunctions or damaged installations. Since all you have to do is click on the refresh button, a suddenly crashed site is very confusing. Now you have to deal with the claims of the boss, loss of earnings, outrage from customers, and obvious panic in the moments when you try to find the cause of the breakdown. That’s when a backup copy of the site is especially valued.

Malware and viruses

Most viruses do not aim to capture and stop the site, but more like small errors that monitor all the information, passing it to attackers. More than 1 million malware products are created every day, so you can never be absolutely sure when downloading a new item. You may inadvertently download third-party plug-ins, applications, themes, or not see third-party users have access to the site. Backup is a guarantee that you will restore the previous version of the resource without errors.

Don’t worry, HostPro has taken care of your sites

Realizing the importance of backups, we make backups of all our clients’ sites and provide the opportunity to obtain any archive for the previous 30 days. Don’t worry that the detected failure will put a cross on your site – just contact support and we will help to restore everything.