The most important factors influencing SEO in 2022

Why is SEO so important? Nowadays, there is high competition not only in today’s real-world but also online. For your business to work well and succeed, you need to work hard to be at the top of the rankings. One of the most important factors that exist in the digital world is SEO. What influences this, and why do you need to understand this topic? Let’s find out.

SEO is a set of special techniques and strategies that help increase the ranking of websites in search results. If your site starts to move to the top of the search list, the number of people who read your article or browse your site will increase, and therefore potential customers will appear more. All of which directly affect the authority and prosperity of your business. 

The main factors that affect SEO:

1. Content Optimization 

You need to understand the desires of your potential customers. If you analyze this, you can understand what questions they may ask and what will be in demand. Also, search for the keywords and phrases you need when creating content. However, keep in mind that keyword oversaturation can lead to spam. Everything should be organic and accurate, in the right place. No need to add too much unnecessary information. 

To improve your text and allow for additional search engine rankings, create well-crafted headings that include keywords. They play an important role, as it not only looks better for the reader but also help the search engine to understand the structure of your text and understanding of the main topic. In addition, the right meta description will help increase the likelihood of promoting your site uphill. You also need to pay attention to the images. Visualization of textual information always attracts the attention of readers and helps them to better understand the material. But for SEO use alt text, an image file name, and a caption with the appropriate keywords to complement your post. Even small particles that you add to the text can affect your promotion and help you grow your audience. If you want to learn more about practical tips and SEO practices, we suggest you review the article here

Speaking of content optimization, we should also mention video content. The number of people looking for videos to solve their problems is growing every year, so you need to think about adding video content. According to Elite Content Marketer, 66% of people said they’d prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service rather than reading text.

Video content will help not only to improve SEO but also:

  • increase sales. Using video is a great way to increase sales;
  • reducing the number of incoming requests. If there is no clear information for them about the goods, customers usually ask you. Videos can reduce the number of questions by providing additional information about the products you sell;
  • assistance in creating a recognizable brand.

Mobile optimization also plays an important role in the prosperity of the site. Recently, the percentage of visits from a mobile phone has increased, so you need to understand that the mobile version of the site must be high quality and work properly. According to Gs.statcounter mobile traffic increased from 31.6% to 56.75% of users. 

Growing graph of search engine traffic by phone

However, no matter how hard you try to meet the needs of the search engine, if this content does not help people or is simply not interesting, it will lead to the fact that it simply will not be read. If the reader stays on your site for a short time, it also affects the rating, and your main task is to do everything to keep the client online as long as possible. An important component in creating truly high-quality content on the Internet is the middle ground between optimization and customer interest.

2. Quality Links

Before we understand the meaning of links in SEO, let’s find out that there are 3 types of links: inbound, outbound, and internal. Links affect your ranking no less than other factors. In addition to text, links are visible for the search engine. 

The first type is internal link. This is a navigation of your site. For example, if your article is about what has already been discussed, you can add a link so you can find out more about it. This will help you clarify additional materials on this or that topic. Or, if one of the articles is popular enough, you can add traffic to other pages using internal links.

When we talk about inbound links you need to understand that this is primarily the credibility of your site. The search engine takes links from other sites as feedbacks. And you need to understand that the quality of the sites where you were mentioned must also be high. It’s good when people talk about your company or website. However, sites that link you should also play an important role in the Internet space.

Outbound links are those links that you use on your site. The search engine is strict about recommending suspicious content. So before you want to comment or add a link to a site – make sure it is a site with a good reputation. But you need to be careful with this type of link, as it encourages people to go to other sites. However, this can be seen as collaboration, as it helps to get complete information or turn to a highly reputable site that can increase the credibility and ranking of your site.

3. Site Performance and Speed 

Site performance is affected by technical optimization. And one of the most important facts is site speed. It is the first thing a customer sees. If the page loads for a long time – you will have a chance to lose a potential customer. And if there is a failure in the site – it can lead to the loss of most of the profits. Site disruptions and long page loads affect the overall business impression and credibility of your company. 

The structure of the site also plays an important role in technical optimization. If your content is poorly organized and not organized, not only people but also the search engine can get confused in all this. If this happens, the chances of your site rising in the rankings are reduced. We must not forget about security. Use SSL certificates to ensure secure access to your site. Doubtful links and insecure sites will degrade the quality of your site.

One more important thing is the title tag. Of course, this is where you can place a keyword related to the content of the page, preferably at the beginning. Because page titles appear in search results, we also need to enter our name there. The impact of the site page title is huge. And you always have to work with it. But headline optimization is just one of many.

You need to understand that all this directly depends not only on your site settings but also on the hosting company. At first glance, its impact is less obvious, but experienced SEO experts know that this factor should not be overlooked.

Hosting is affected by the following things:

  • Technical support work. A sign of good hosting is the excellent technical support that responds quickly to emerging problems and solves them quickly.
  • The geographical location of servers. The best option is when the server hosting the site is in the same region as the main target audience.
  • The type of server. If your hosting includes many “neighbors”, with questionable content, you may risk losing your reputation and even block your site. 
  • The number of customers. You need to monitor the change amount of visitors for you to understand what capacity should be your hosting. 

Listing all the problems that may arise when choosing the wrong hosting company should be understood that this is a very important issue, and you need to pay a lot of attention to avoid mistakes.

Top three factors that will help raise the ranking of your site

So, if you have an interesting idea for the site, you have prepared a content plan, you have an understanding of keywords, you have a good mobile version of the site, and you have video content, you will need help with the site. Interesting content and everything related is clear to you. However, for your site to work smoothly, you will need to either spend a lot of time studying this information or have technical skills in site management and hosting. We offer you our help in this matter. If you do not want to worry about the technical side of your website – hosting, our technical support is always ready to help you. Order managed hosting from us and get a high-speed website without a headache.